10 Useful Ways To Recycle Your Shredded Paper

With every emptying of the wastebasket, have you ever wondered where all these bits of paper should go? Throwing it into the dumpsite won’t be a good decision if you’re trying to help Mother Earth. Stocking it in your office is no good too. So where can you take shredded paper? In this post, I’d listed ten unique ways to make the shredded paper more than a pile of trash.

1. Make paper logs for your fireplace

Instead of cutting more wood to light up your living room, why not make paper logs out of your shreds? You can buy a paper log maker or a brick maker to shape your shreds after soaking it in water. Soak the bits of paper in water then put it in the brick maker. Make sure that it’s not too sloppy or too compressed that it will break your log maker. Once it dried from the sun, you can now toss it to your fireplace.

2. Add it to your mulch or compost

Where can you take shredded paper? Paper is a biodegradable material; therefore, it would make a good addition to your garden mulch. Shredded paper is a good absorber of moisture and odor from your food wastes included in the compost. This is a natural and money-saving tip to improve your soil bed. Just make sure that no staple wires or bits of plastic are added to it. Adding paper will not consume all your shredded sheets, but it will be a good deduction from the wastes.

where can you take shredded paper

3. Send it to a recycling mill

Recycling mills usually treat large amounts of used paper to be recycled as a material for stationery or craft products. Since you might not have the time to do the messy project, you can just let the professional do the job as you get rid of your shredded trash. If they will agree, you can sell it to them so you get a little cash from your trash. Anyway, you can use the shredded paper as a material for your kids’ art projects.

4. Use it as a packaging cushion

Instead of using non-biodegradable foam or bubble wraps, you can use shredded paper to wrap your fragile chinaware or gifts. This will give your gift an artsy feel while the shredded paper will absorb any moisture that will emerge from your other stuff. Just beware of rodents that are ready to snip it into even tinier bits. You wouldn’t want to clean a paper mess, do you?

5. Where can you take shredded paper? Use it as confetti for parties

If you’re planning a large party, don’t forget to use your shredded paper as confetti or decorative elements on the flower arrangement. During Easter Sundays, the shredded paper would make a beautiful nest for the eggs. You can also ask friends if they need confetti for their own parties or events. Some part organizers would likely accept it as a donation as it can be used as props for a variety of events they’ll host.

where can you take shredded paper

6. Your pet would love it as a bedding/litter box

Do you have a cat or dog in the house? You can stuff a cloth bag with shredded paper and use it as their bedding. Paper has a warm feeling and it’s best during wintery days. Just make sure to seal it well so your furball won’t scatter it around the house or ingest it. If you have a cat, you can come up with a makeshift litter box. This will save you a lot of money from commercial ones.

7. Make your own papier-mache décor

If you’re the creative type of person, you can get your hands busy with a papier-mache project. It can either be a small elephant décor for your house or a medium-sized statue to gift a friend. Doing this will be a good stress-buster from work. You can paint your papier-mache afterward for a more artsy look.

If you have a friend that creates such products, you can give him the shredded paper. This process is like turning a rock into another diamond.

8. Scent it and hang it using coffee filters

Yes, shredded paper can keep your house smelling good. You just have it to scent with your favorite aromatic oil and place it in a coffee filter. So You can put a string on it and hang it around your house. So where can you take shredded paper? You can put it in the bathroom, your bedroom, or living room. This may not deduct a large amount on the pile of shreds you have, but this is better than throwing it all away as trash.

where can you take shredded paper

9. Donate it to those using wood stoves

Paper is an excellent fire starter. Try flicking a matchstick in a small pile of shredded paper and it will be engulfed in flames in a blink of an eye. So if you know anyone who uses a wood stove, say traditional bakers, you can donate the shredded paper to them. This is a good way to get rid of large piles of paper shreds. Don’t just burn it. Let someone use it to make delicious bagels.

10. Use it as a scarecrow stuffing

If you own a piece of land inhabited by pesky crows, you can stuff a scarecrow with shredded paper. This will take a big amount of your trash. If you’re living in the city, you can simply send it to somebody else to help them drive away the birds that keep damaging their crops. If you’re doing the scarecrow yourself, make sure to compress the paper well. This is so the scarecrow won’t look sloppy after a heavy rain.

Are you still wondering where can you take shredded paper? These ten recycling tips I gave here would surely settle your shredded questions. All you need is creativity and a little bit of patience to make the most out of your paper trash. What do you think of these ways? Let us know!