10 Paper Shredders With Long Runtime To Finish Your Tasks Efficiently

Shredders that can only run for a maximum of two or three minutes aren’t for the money if you have a lot of shredding to do. Not to mention the long cooling down phase, it’s totally a waste of time. This is why a paper shredder with long runtime is the most sought-after model, especially for big offices that need to dispose of piles of old documents.

1. HSM Shredstar PS820C Continuous Running Shredder

The HSM Shredstar PS820C Continuous Running Shredder is the best find when it comes to long-running machines. Depending on the temperature of the environment, it can last up to three hours of continuous use. Aside from the lengthy operation, it’s also a monster shredder that can chew up to 158 sheets per minute. Such feature is more than golden for a crosscut type.

This machine also has a massive 7.1-gallon wastebasket so you’ll need to empty it less frequently. To cap all its amazing features, the HSM shredder has an anti-jam technology and low-noise build to suit busy offices and homes. And there’s more! The HSM Shredstar PS820C is equipped with an energy-saving system that will cut electricity use of up to 90% than the usual shredders you had before.

2. Royal HD1400MX 60-Minute Runtime Shredder

If you love the HSM Shredstar but can’t afford it, consider getting the Royal HD1400MX 60-Minute Runtime Shredder. This crosscutting machine has a 14-sheet capacity that will run smoothly for an hour or more. Aside from the paper slot, there’s also a separate opening for CD and credit card shredding. The versatility of this paper shredder with long runtime is paired with a 6.2-gallon slide-style wastebasket.

The Royal shredder has an hourglass looking console designed for added sleek in the office. You can use this beside the table so you can access it right away. It might be slower than the first shredder I listed here but the long runtime will be a fair compensation.

Just make sure not to overload the machine to avoid it from stopping. If you happen to do so, you can simply reset it and start feeding your documents again.

paper shredder with long runtime

3. Aurora Jam-Free AU2030XA 60-Minute Runtime Shredder

The Aurora Jam-Free AU2030XA 60-Minute Runtime Shredder doesn’t just have a long running time but also a massive capacity of 20 sheets in one feeding. You can use this for an hour and cool it down for the next 50 minutes. This is way better than models that can only function for three minutes and have to be shut off for half an hour.

One of the best features that the Aurora machine that you can’t see in other models is its Touch Guard sensor. The machine will stop shredding once it detects that a hand came in contact with the paper opening. Also, this paper shredder with long runtime has a jam-proof technology so your whole hour will be efficiently allotted for shredding. The Aurora shredder automatically shuts down once left idle for five minutes.

4. Bonsaii Evershred Pro 4S16 60-Minute Runtime Shredder

The Bonsaii Evershred Pro 4S1 60-Minute Runtime Shredder can possibly beat the Aurora machine when it comes to length of continuous use. For an hour, the Bonsaii shredder can chew six sheets in one feeding and it can also shred credit cards and CDs in the dedicated slot. Afterward, you’ll need to shut it off not for 50 minutes or half an hour, but for only 10 minutes of cooling down!

The Bonsaii shredder has a patented cooling system that prevents it from overheating even during a massive shredding session. It’s also equipped with an anti-jam technology and P-5 level of micro-cutting blades. The machine is not prone to overloading and it will smoothly shred your old documents to bits. Although the wastebasket is small at 4.2 gallons only, it’s a compact equipment to use in small offices.

5. Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Jam-Proof Shredder

Fellowes shredders aren’t popular for naught. These machines are known for its durability and the Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Jam-Proof Shredder isn’t an exemption. This paper shredder with long runtime can run for an average runtime of 30 minutes with a 40-minute cooldown. Although it’s not as functional than the other shredders when it comes to runtime, this is considered one of the best finds for lighter shredding needs.

Even if it runs for half an hour alone, it compensates with the size of the wastebasket. It has a large 9.1-gallon bin designed to be less bulky in appearance. It also comes with the signature SafeSense Technology where the machine stops shredding when you touch the paper opening. One more thing is its jam-proof system that will make 30-minutes more than enough to get rid of your confidential files.

paper shredder with long runtime

6. Bonsaii EverShred 30-Minute Runtime Shredder

If you want to save a little from the first Bonsaii shredder, you can downgrade a bit to the Bonsaii EverShred 30-Minute Runtime Machine. This can continuously run for half an hour without overheating and can shred 3500 sheets in one session. Its 14-sheet capacity makes it a wise choice for an office equipment. The only downside about this Bonsaii model is its 4.5-gallon basket that may need to be emptied more than once during the 30-minute run. But aside from that, you can’t wish for anything else with this paper shredder with long runtime.

This machine has an overloading and overheating protection as well as Bonsaii’s patented cooling system. It only needs to be cooled down for 10 minutes and it’s ready for another batch of paper shredding. This Bonsaii machine is also ultra-quiet.

7. Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet, 40-Minute Runtime Shredder

Royal is indeed ‘royal’ when it comes to their shredders. Their 1840MX 18-Sheet, 40-Minute Runtime shredder is one of its platinum series models that can withstand long sessions of shredding. This is a crosscut type that has an 8.5-gallon wastebasket for minimal emptying while shredding. It’s also very quiet when in use and doesn’t jam even if loaded with 18-sheets at once. A sheet will be shredded in five seconds just to give you an idea of how fast this machine is.

Aside from paper, the Royal paper shredder with long runtime can also shred credit cards and CDs on its separate cutting slot.  As long as you oil the machine regularly, there’s no way you’ll be using the overheating indicator in the console.

This is less than 200 bucks, which is considerably cheap for such functionality.

8. AmazonBasics 17-Sheet, 20-Minute Runtime Shredder

The big con about AmazonBasics shredders is that they only run for a maximum of five minutes or less and have to be cooled down for long. But not the AmazonBasics 17-Sheet, 20-Minute Runtime Shredder. It may have a 50-minute cooldown requirement but the length of use is leveling up the ante for the shredder brand.

This has a 7-gallon wastebasket that’s almost enough for a session of shredding. Also, it has an auto-shut feature that will engage when the machine is left unused for five minutes. For a micro-cut type that costs less than $200, the AmazonBasics is one for the money.

You can use shredder bags for this machine without the hassle of engaging the basket perfectly. This shredder is also quiet to use.

paper shredder with long runtime

9. Swingline 14-Sheet, 10-Minute Runtime Shredder

If you’re just looking for a machine that can work a little bit longer than your usual two-minuter shredder, the Swingline 14-Sheet Machine will do. At less than $100, it can run for 10-20 minutes in a P-4, crosscut system. It can shred CDs and credit cards in a separate cutter slot. The wastebasket of this paper shredder with long runtime is also topnotch at 5 gallons considering its price.

One of Swingline’s ‘cutting edges’ among other shredders is its compact size. It can fit under a desk without the need to pull it out to feed paper. This is more than decent compared to noisy, short running machines you had in the past.  Just note that the Swingline shredder is fit for light shredding needs only.

10. Sentinel FMP101P 10-Minute Runtime Shredder

Another economical, but definitely a faster choice for a basic shredder is the Sentinel FMP101P. It can run for ten minutes and chew 72 sheets per minute at a P-4 micro-cut level. This has a compact 3.5 gallon that is enough for such amount of shredding per session.

For less than $80, this is already the best find. Most shredders of the same price can only run for a maximum of two minutes with a loud noise. But with the Sentinel machine, you’ll have peace of mind as well as a quiet equipment.

Having a paper shredder with long runtime will allow you to save time and energy in disposing of your private documents. Some are expensive but the quality will surely give your money’s worth. There are also cheap ones that will level up your shredding solutions. Are you considering buying any of these? Let us know in the comment section!