10 Office Paper Shredders For Sale You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

An office paper shredder for sale is what every company will be looking for to dispose of their confidential documents. There are so many models that choosing one would be a critical purchasing decision. But one thing’s for sure, you should get one that meets your office’ shredding needs. If you always have to get rid of old CDs, you might as well buy a machine that can chew it to pieces. This is the same with credit cards and the amount of paper you wish to destroy in one feeding.

Here, I listed 10 of the most promising shredders available in the market. Check each one out and decide what you want to get.

1. Sentinel 30-Sheet, 30-Gallon Shredder

The shredding requirements of an office would likely be heavier than those at home. With that, the Sentinel 30-Sheet, 30-Gallon Crosscut Shredder will be a good choice. It’s the perfect combination of speed and space that’s TAA compliant and can works continuously with zero downtime. This is perfect even for the busiest office.

The speed of shredding has become more efficient with the machine’s jam-proof technology. Regardless if you’re shredding paper, credit cards, or CDs, the machine will chew it just as easy. This is also equipped with the SafeSense Technology that will stop the shredding if you touched the paper opening.

This Sentinel shredder could be a little loud while in use but it definitely shreds a huge chunk of paper at once. If you have an office with 50+ personnel, this would be a powerhouse equipment.

2. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder

Unlike the Sentinel machine, this AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder has less capacity but effective as an office paper shredder for sale. At 12 sheets at once, this machine is reasonable for personal use beside your office table. It can run for eight minutes and has to be cooled down for 45 minutes. If you’re looking for a general shredder for everyone in the office, this may not function as expected.

Nevertheless, this shredder can chew six feet of paper per minute and has a large 6.7 gallon based on its sheet capacity. For about a hundred bucks, this is already the best find given that most AmazonBasics shredders can only run for two or three minutes.

This machine can efficiently shred cardboards, laminated sheets, large paper clips, and even insulate envelopes.

office paper shredder for sale

3. Royal Micro-cut 14-Sheet Shredder

A notch higher than the AmazonBasics is the Royal Micro-cut 14-Sheet Shredder. The first reason why this is a wise buy is it’s a micro-cut type. For offices handling sensitive documents, say bank statements, having this level of security is necessary.

This office paper shredder for sale can chew paper as well as credit cards and CDs to avoid identity theft. It also has a massive 8.5-gallon basket for less emptying tasks. This space can hold up to 575 sheets of shredded paper. According to users, this machine can run continuously for 20 minutes before it needs to be cooled down. Such runtime is reasonable for the price and as an average office equipment.

Overall, this machine is good for three people. Unless you have a lot to shred each day, this could be a personal machine by your desk.

4. HSM Continuous Operation, Crosscut Shredder

If you want the same 14-sheet capacity but in a continuously running machine, the HSM Crosscut Shredder would be the easy choice. It can swallow up to 101 sheets in one minute and has a medium sized basket of 5.8 gallons. To make sure that user experience will be of top quality; this shredder has the JamStop technology.

Aside from the aforementioned features, this is one of the machines that are equipped with the energy-saving system. This can cut power usage by 90% compared to other shredders without such feature.

If you’re bothered with the noisy operation of your past shredders, the ultra-quiet built of the HSM machine will seal the deal. This machine works as advertised and may just exceed your expectations.

5. Office Paper Shredder For Sale: Bonsaii EverShred 4S16 Microcut Shredder

For an average shredder, the Bonsaii EverShred 4S16 Microcut Shredder will not fail you. It might be a little less fast at six sheets per feeding but its continuous runtime is unbeatable. This is also a micro-cut machine that’s preferable for highly confidential files.

The Bonsaii shredder is ultra-quiet and the jam protection system will make shredding time more effective. It also has the technology to avoid overloading and overheating during massive shredding. If you’re planning to destroy a large pile, remember that there’s a lot of emptying to be done on its 4.2-gallon basket.

With only 10 minutes of cooling down, the Bonsaii shredder does the job at destroying office documents. This is fit for personal use or shared for lighter shredding needs.

office paper shredder for sale

6. Boxis Micro-cut 100-Sheet Shredder

If your office is a sea of paper every month, you should have the Boxis Micro-cut 100 Sheet Shredder right away. Shredders that can swallow 100 sheets in just one feeding are golden if you’re impatient with slow ones. The good thing is that this office paper shredder for sale is a micro-cut type with Level 4 security. And in its 20-minute runtime, boy, you’ll be shredding 11 feet of sheets per minute.

In times of jams, the automatic reverse feature will fix the problem so your shredding will run as smoothly as possible. Even if it’s a massive machine, this runs with a very quiet motor. The only downside would be its small basket that measures six gallons only.

The Boxis shredder is a powerhouse equipment for your office and at a price almost the same with many crosscut or 20-sheet models.

7. Aurora AU2030XA Crosscut, 20-Sheet Shredder

Some offices don’t have much to shred and if your workplace is like that, you can invest on the Aurora AU2030XA Crosscut 20-Sheet Shredder. This can run for an hour and shred cards, CDs, and sheets with staples and clips. The jam-proof system will make the shredding even more efficient. It also has the Touch Guard Sensor for added safety in your office.

The Aurora shredder has a 7-gallon basket that’s enough for light office shredding needs. Once the bin is full, the machine will stop working until you empty it. This will also shut down when left idle for five minutes to save energy and make the motor last.

The Aurora model may not be very affordable as an office paper shredder for sale, but it’s better than some cheap types that bog down easily.

8. MBM 4002Cc Crosscut Office Shredder

Almost all shredders need to be oiled for it to function optimally. If you loath such maintenance routine, you’ll love the MBM 40002Cc Crosscut Office Shredder. This is very hefty in price but the functionality is exceptional. It can swallow 24-26 pages in one batch with a speed of 25 feet per minute. At P-4 security level, this machine isn’t just at par in confidentiality but also in its self-oiling system.

This machine has the ECC or Electronic Capacity Control to avoid jams and glitches while in use. Its motor can last a lifetime plus the dust-proof built will need less cleaning. The MBM shredder can run continuously but it will shut down when left idle for an hour.

It may cost a small fortune, but trust me, this shredder is more than a powerhouse equipment.

office paper shredder for sale

9. Fellowes 62MC Micro-cut 10-Sheet Shredder

It’s understandable that the MBM machine is very expensive as an office paper shredder for sale. If you just have less than $200 to shell out, the Fellowes 62MC Micro-cut 1-Sheet Shredder will be your choice of machine. It gives a P-4 level of security in an ultra-quiet operation. This is just a small machine but big in security as it can produce shredded bits six times smaller than the usual crosscut machines.

This has a five-gallon basket that’s suited for personal office use. It will also run for at least seven minutes before cooling down. Although the runtime is a bit short, the machine has a Safety Lock as compensation. This is preferable if you keep on having accidental shredding all the time.

10. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Shredder

When it comes to purchasing, nothing beats the best-seller. The AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-cut Shredder has a two-minute runtime and a 3.8-gallon basket for light shredding. This is a compact choice for small offices or if you want a shredder by your desk.

This one is also cheap at less than 50 bucks. If you’re just looking for junk mail and tax returns shredder, the AmazonBasics could be it.

Buying an office paper shredder for sale will help you dispose of your excess documents. Some could be expensive but it will be worth the purchase than risking your company’s information security. Which of the listed products are you considering buying? Share your choice with us in the comment section!