Empirical Reasons Why It’s Time To Get A Paper Shredder

Many companies had seen their top secrets leaking because of their failure to destroy confidential documents properly. When it comes to your own business or home, disposing of documents is more than merely ripping or cutting it. Each sheet should be torn into tiny bits that even the most nefarious individuals can’t reassemble. If you’re wondering how to get rid of confidential papers on your storage cabinets, the answer would be getting a shredder.

But why would you spend a hundred or even more dollars for a machine that only cuts? Here are some of the sound reasons:

1. Identity theft is rampant

Bin raiding is one of the biggest risks if you’re just crumpling documents. Someone in your workspace or in the dumpsite can go through your trash and have access to such files.  Bank statements, tax returns, or just a simple list of addresses can impose the danger of identity theft.

So do yourself a favor. Invest in a crosscut or micro-cut shredder for a higher level of security. Strip-cut types are a no-no. You’ve learned from the Argo movie, right?

2. The law requires you to do so

The Federal Trade Commission imposes fines for companies that will fail to follow disposal standards of business documents. In short, the law requires you to have a shredder, especially if you’re handling high profile information like medical records, bank statements, or client data.

If you don’t know how to get rid of confidential papers, you’ll be slapped with hefty penalties. Not to mention the bad publicity you’ll get from it, violating FTC rules won’t be a smooth road to traverse.

how to get rid of confidential papers

3. It will make disposing of confidential documents easy

If you have a shredder, you no longer need to cut it into tiny bits just to make it undecipherable. Burning it won’t be a good idea especially if you have piles to dispose of. You also don’t need to go to a public shredder machine just to destroy your documents. If you invest just a little more, you’ll have the equipment in the comfort of your office. Remember, it’s harder to face federal fines or have leaked information.

4. It saves you time and money

Cutting your documents manually with a scissor is time-consuming. If you keep on storing outdated documents, you’ll just keep on buying cabinets to keep it. Without your knowledge, you’re spending more on the storage space than getting a high-capacity shredder. The money and time you wasted can accumulate over time. You’ll just realize how you might have used such resources for the expansion of your business. This might be an exaggerated thought, but if you have a medium-sized office, this rings very true.

5. It can shred other things aside from paper

Aside from sheets of your confidential documents, most shredders can also dispose of outdated credit cards and CDs. This is cheaper than buying a separate CD shredder if you’re wondering how to get rid of confidential papers. For some models, your ancient floppy discs can also be shredded to bits.

And the bonus part is you’ll actually enjoy shredding all of this. There’s something about a shredding machine that feels fulfilling.

how to get rid of confidential papers

6. You’ll be making the environment a big favor

Shredded paper can be used as mulch or recycled for a better cause. Burning credit cards, CDs, and other plastic sheets is very detrimental to the environment. The smoke it emits will also be dangerous for you. If you’re having a party, you can use the shredded paper as confetti or packaging cushion for a fragile gift.

Another thing is that a lot of shredder machines are equipped with energy-saving features. Aside from helping nature, you also get to save from your electricity bill.

7. It will make your office more organized

The pile of useless documents can make your desk look like a sea of paper. If you’re not apt to be drowned in such situation, shred the pile for your goodness’ sake. Having a clean and organized office is important if you’re receiving clients personally. It will be a testament to the professionalism of your company and your orderliness as a businessperson. If you don’t know how to get rid of confidential papers, a shredder is the answer.

8. You’ll protect the interest of your customers

This one is connected to identity theft. If you just crumpled and threw your customers or clients’ documents, you’re exposing them to various criminal schemes. Many scammers know that there’s more to a bag of paper from an office so you should practice proper document disposal. They may take hold of your customers’ social security numbers, dates of birth, names, and addresses that are enough to initiate fraud.

Again, remember that the FTC has strict rules with regard to this.

how to get rid of confidential papers

9. You’ll level up your business’ security

There’s nothing to search if you shred all the ‘evidence’. Your business including your employees will have increased security if you shred all private documents that may compromise their identity or overall safety. This is very crucial to the human resource office that has access to personal employee information that isn’t fit for public consumption. The integrity of your business would also be secured from any threat of fraud.

10. Most of all, it gives you peace of mind

Once all your confidential documents are nothing but bits of paper, you can sleep soundly without thinking of anything blowing up in the morning. This is the real case for people handling sensitive information that may jeopardize someone or something.

A shredder may cost you more but it will definitely matter in the long run. You can’t buy added security for such a low price, right?

There are many means on how to get rid of confidential papers, but nothing beats a shredder. It will turn your documents into small pieces of paper that no one can use for unlawful acts. The points I listed here are some of the important reasons that will convince you to purchase a machine the soonest. Do you have thoughts about this post? Share it with us!