Top Reasons Why Shredding Confidential Documents @ Home Is a Must!

The ways on how to destroy confidential documents aren’t just exclusive to offices. For sure, you’ll be storing important business and personal documents at home. If you don’t dispose of it well, you’ll also be prone to the same risk of improper document disposal in the office.

Here, I listed some reasons why you should shred household documents.

1. Junk mails can pile up

If you have an insurance policy and a credit card, you’ll likely receive junk mails at least a few times per month. Such mails can pile up if you’re subscribed to different magazines or you’re a member of an organization. Letting these unopened envelopes sitting in your living room or home office desk would be additional clutter and seeds of possible fraud. Shredding this is an advisable routine.

2. Households aren’t exempted from identity theft

Having guests all the time may mean that strangers can have access to your living space. A junk mail left in the living room could start a whole mess of fraud. And since you don’t pay attention to your excess documents, you’ll never know that a mail is stolen inside your house. Someone may also break in and ransack your documents. If you don’t know how to destroy confidential documents, you’re doomed.

3. Some information isn’t for household consumption

There is some information that your kids aren’t supposed to know. It’s not that dad is a gangster but things like bank statements shouldn’t be accessible to a grade-schooler. He might talk about it to other people and your household will be exposed to possible burglary or you from the threat of robbery.

If you have a house help, disposing of your documents in a shredder would be advisable. You may have documents that other people shouldn’t see.

how to destroy confidential documents

4. It saves you money and time

Instead of hiring someone to shred your old documents, you can do it yourself by buying a shredding machine. This will save you a lot of money since you can get a shredder machine for as low as $30. When it comes to being time-efficient, a shredder is better than manually cutting your documents for disposal. If you’re a busy person, this would matter a lot.

5. A shredder is an all-around equipment

Aside from shredding paper, a shredder machine can also be used to destroy old credit cards and CDs. If your kid is having a party, you can shred colorful paper and use it as confetti. A shredder is useful if you’re working at home and you don’t know how to destroy confidential documents.

6. You get to declutter your house

Like what I said earlier, piles of junk mails can make your house look like a messy post office. By shredding all your unwanted documents, you can start organizing your house. This is also the same in your home office. You should start sorting out the papers on your desk and shred those that you no longer need. Another plus point of shredding is it’s fun. There’s something about it that will make you feel satisfied.

7. Paperwork is subject to HIPAA

The HIPAA imposes standards for businesses handling confidential documents like medical records when it comes to destroying every sheet. If you’re a medical practitioner, you should check the stack of paper at your home office if it’s already due to shredding. Thee law bans you from burning or throwing it in the trash. You should shred it using a micro-cut shredder. Aside from paper, you should get rid of CDs and hard drives containing documents past the retention period.

how to destroy confidential documents

8. Your dog isn’t the only one that will rummage through your trash

Your dog won’t be the only creature that may go through your outdoor trashcan. Bin diving is legal here in America and if you don’t know how to destroy confidential documents, you might be a victim of identity theft. Anyone can have access to the documents you ditched and use it on illegal acts.

9. Stored business documents could be stolen

If you’re a known businessperson, there will be a high risk of burglary in your house. A desperate competitor may go to great lengths just to put you down and steal your documents. If you’re storing your business files at home, go digital and shred everything that other people can read with the naked eye.

You can use a safe if you’re bringing top-secret documents at home. But as much as possible, shred it.

10. It’s added peace of mind

Even if someone tries to break in and steal your files, you’ll have peace of mind that they won’t get anything important. A shredder will level up your security and you’ll also have assurance on your part. No clutter, low risk of identity theft, and you’re complying with the HIPAA. There’s nothing you should worry about.

If you’re wondering how to destroy confidential documents at home, getting a shredder will be your safest bet. It will make sure that no one will take advantage of your documents you keep in the comfort of your living space. There are many affordable shredders that you can buy for home use so you no longer have to pay a third-party just to get rid of your confidential records. What do you think? Let us know!