10 Heavy-Duty Shredder For Office Use You Should Consider Buying

Gone are the days when disposing your confidential documents includes dramatic ripping and snipping. Having a heavy-duty shredder for office use won’t just save you time but also energy from tiring manual cutting. Still, it’s not just about getting a shredder right away. You should choose quality ones so your private office documents will be securely disposed.

Here, I listed 10 of the top picks among offices that function really well in cutting with security. This varies from strip-cut, crosscut, and micro cut depending on your needs.

1. Fellowes Powershred 99Ms 14-Sheet Microcut Shredder + Auto Reverse

If you want top security for the disposal of your highly confidential documents, say tax returns, you should invest in Fellowes Powershred 99Ms 14-Sheet Shredder with Auto Reverse. This is a versatile shredder as it tears a sheet up to 2154 bits on its P-5 security level. It can also shred credit cards and though tough on cutting, it has SafeSense Technology that will stop the shredding when hands come in contact with the paper opening.

Aside from the power shredding, this equipment has a nine-gallon wastebasket. This machine can continuously shred for 15 minutes then you have to cool it down for the next 25 minutes. It could be a long waiting time, but this ultra-quiet shredder is definitely worth the wait.

2. Sentinel FM120P High-Security Micro Cut Heavy-Duty Shredder For Office Use

Be it paper, credit card, or CDs, this Sentinel FM120P High-Security Micro-cut Paper Shredder will do the job well. It can shred about 12 sheets in a single feeding without jamming and there’s a separate CD shredding slot to avoid dulling the blades of the paper shredder. Unlike the Fellowes machine, this Sentinel equipment is at Security Level 4. It might be a notch down but it’s still a reasonable level given that this is a micro cut shredder.

Aside from the ultra-quiet performance fit for every office, this has a five-gallon wastebasket that can accommodate about 450 shredded sheets. It can also handle stapled papers but remember that only the paper gets micro shredded. The CDs would be cut in one-inch width.

heavy-duty shredder for office use

3. Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

If you’re looking for the best-seller and heavy-duty shredder for office use, you can never go wrong with Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder. It can shred six sheets simultaneously and one card at a time. Once shredded, the paper would have the size of  7/32 x 1-27/32 inches that are larger than the shredded bits using a micro cut machine. Still, this has higher security compared to strip-cut shredders that can be traced by scrupulous individuals.

This Amazon Basics shredder is easy to use since it will automatically work the moment you feed it with something to shred. This has a 3.8-gallon wastebasket and should be cooled down for 30 minutes after a two-minute use. It’s a little lightweight than the first two shredders I listed so this is best for small offices.

4. Amazon 8-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Another Amazon offer is the Amazon 8-Sheet Paper and Credit Card Shredder. Unlike the first one, this machine can work for three minutes before needing a 30-minute cooldown. That’s one more minute of shredding instead of two. Also, this second Amazon machine has a 4.1-gallon wastebasket, a credit card shredder, and manual reverse system to fix paper jams.

Like the other shredders from the same brand, this 8-Sheet heavy-duty shredder for office use has an auto function. Although it’s convenient, the automatic feature might be a little worrying if you’re using it with kids around. For added safety, you can fit this shredder under your desk since it’s compact enough and lightweight too. One of the best thing about this shredder is it’s very affordable than the other mentioned machines.

5. Aurora 6-Sheet Strip-Cut Credit Card and Paper Shredder – No Waste Basket

Not every office would want to have a shredder with a wastebasket. You can use the Aurora 6-Sheet Strip-Cut Credit Card and Paper Shredder with a trash can so you can directly dispose the stuff. Another advantage of this is that you can easily transport it around the office. The Aurora 6-Sheet shredder is also best if you’re just shredding a few pieces of paper or a credit card.

The Aurora machine is also economical, the best choice for small offices who can barely spare a few bucks for a shredding equipment. Although the absence of a wastebasket could be a problem, its extendable arm can fit almost any wastebasket or improvised bins. Just remember that this machine is best used for less confidential documents as it’s a strip-cut type.

heavy-duty shredder for office use

6. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12 Heavy-Duty Shredder For Office Use

The Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet Shredder can cut CDs, credit cards, and a bunch of paper without overheating. It has a thermal protection system that ensures that the motor will function optimally for three minutes. The only downside of the Bonsaii machine is it needs to be cool down for a lengthy 40 minutes. But given its functionality, this is just a small thing to do.

This machine has an automatic starting mode that will start shredding that moment it detects paper. If the 12 sheets you fed simultaneously got jammed, you can simply use the manual reverse feature to clear it out. Although this is a cross-cut shredder, the chewing this machine does can be at par with a micro-cut not to mention it’s silent operation.

7. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

Fellowes is so good in making the heavy-duty shredder for office use that it deserves another slot on this list. The Fellowes Powershred 79-Ci 16-Sheet Crosscut Shredder is as reliable as the micro cut equipment listed earlier. It can shred 16 sheets in one passing and is made to be more effective through its jam-proof system. Fellowes also has the SilentShred technology that makes it trouble-free to use even at night.

What makes Fellowes a very special brand is that they have the SafeSense Technology. It will stop shredding when someone accidentally touched the paper opening. That’s a big deal when someone brings kids to the office or if you have an office dog. The biggest deal about this machine is it can chew for a lengthy 20 minutes only to be cooled off for 30 minutes.

8. Swingline 14-Sheet Paper Shredder

It’s understandable that not all offices can afford machines that cost more than 100 or 200 bucks. This is where the Swingline 14-Sheet Paper Shredder comes handy. It’s less than 100 bucks but it can chew 14 sheets in one batch as well as one CD and a credit card in Security Level 4. There are separate shredders for the CDs to avoid dulling the paper blades.

The five-gallon waste bin is almost as small as a typical trashcan that can fit under your office desk or in a small corner. You can shred your documents here for 20 minutes straight and then pull the drawer-like bin for the disposal of the chewed paper. For a cross-cut model, this is already a wise buy.

heavy-duty shredder for office use

9. HSM Shredstar 25-Sheet Strip-Cut

If you’re impatient with slow shredding machines, then the HSM Shredstar 25-Sheet Strip-Cut will be the perfect choice for your least confidential documents. Aside from paper, it can chew stapled sheets, CDs, credit cards, and even paper clips. If you happen to overload this machine, the JamStop technology will prevent the piling of sheets.

Another good thing about this HSM heavy-duty shredder for office use is it has Energy Management Control System that cuts power usage by up to 90%. The sellers also offer a lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinder.

For a swifter usage, you can set the settings into automatic start and stop as well as automatic reverse function. Take note that this is a strip-cut model with Security Level 3 only.

10. Royal 14-Sheet Micro Shredder

The Royal 14-Sheet Micro Shredder will be your portable office shredder that you can easily transfer from room to room with its attached wheels. It also has a separate shredding slot for CDs and credit cards to prevent the paper cutter from dulling.

The best thing about this shredder is it has a massive 8.5 gallon of wastebasket that can hold about 575 sheets of chewed sheets.  You can also set it on autostart for easy use. The shredder can work straight for more than 20 minutes without overheating. Overall, this is a monster shredder that can turn your private documents into confetti bits that are impossible to identify.

A shredder helps a lot in disposing private documents as it gives peace of mind for a small price. Having one at your workplace would surely make a difference from the manual cutting you’re doing. The best thing is you can get one in a few dollars. Have you chosen a heavy-duty shredder for office use? Share it with us in the comment section!