The Best Value Crosscut Shredder For Office And Home Use Reviewed

The best value crosscut shredder isn’t just affordable, it’s also highly functional and long-lasting. If you’re thinking of buying one for your office or home, you should scout for the best pick when it comes to the shredding security level it could give. Aside from this, you should also look for additional features that will give you more than your money’s worth.

Here, I listed ten of the best-selling crosscut shredders on the market. Crosscut types offer a higher security than the usual strip-cut used in offices.  It’s best used for confidential documents since the shreds are impossible to reassemble.

1. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

If you only have less than $50 to spare for a new shredder, consider investing it in the AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Crosscut Machine. It can destroy paper and credit cards for two minutes of continuous use. You can shred right away your papers even with paper clips and staple wires. The machine has a thermal protection feature that’s why it will shut down once it gets hot.

You can set the auto mode of this machine for a more convenient user experience. The machine will start shredding once it detected a material inserted into the opening. Even if you have small space to fit this in, the 3.8-gallon built is compact enough to be used in small apartments or workspace. If you’re looking for the basic shredder, this is the first choice.

2. Fellowes W11C 11-Sheet Best Value Crosscut Shredder

Fellowes W11C 11-Sheet Crosscut Shredder with Safety Lock is one of the leading machines. It has the right mix of P-4 functionality and price that will suit every household or office. This can shred 11 sheets of paper at once and can continuously run for five minutes before it needs to be cooled down. You can place this beside your desk or under it so it’s handy all the time.

This machine has a big wastebasket of 4.75 gallons for less need of emptying. It also comes with a handle and a SafetyLock Technology to avoid accidental shredding.

Remember that this shredder can only handle paper and credit card. CDs may only be stuck in the machine if you tried inserting it in the opening.

best value crosscut shredder

3. Fellowes Jam-proof 79Ci 16-Sheet Cross Shredder

If you’re not satisfied with the second shredder, the Fellowes Jam-proof 79Ci 16-Sheet Crosscut machine will be your next choice. Unlike the first Fellowes model, this can accommodate 16 sheets in one feeding and can run continuously for 20 minutes on P-4 security. It can also destroy CDs and credit cards with a jam-proof feature so you won’t have to pick the stuck material.

Like almost all Fellowes shredders, this possesses the SafeSense Technology so the machine will stop working when the hand is exposed to the paper opening. This feature is the compensation for the absence of a safety lock.

Just remember that you shouldn’t forced-cool this machine if you want to rush your shredding task. Once smoke is billowing, you should shut it down and wait for this best value crosscut shredder to recover.

4. Bonsaii EverShred C169 Heavy-duty Crosscut Shredder

There are shredding tasks that may include thousands of sheets of paper that must be accomplished overnight. If you’re in such a case, you should get the Bonsaii EverShred C169 Heavy-duty Crosscut Shredder. This machine can run for 30 minutes straight and will only require a 10-minute cooling down. Such operation is equal to almost 3500 sheets.

What makes this Bonsaii machine work longer is its patented cooling system. It also has a ‘Jam Protection System’ so every sheet fed on the machine will be efficiently shredded. This is time-saving than using the auto reverse every time the paper is stuck.

The 4.5-gallon bin of this machine may not hold all of the shredding you’ll do in the 30-minute running time. Nevertheless, the pull-out basket isn’t a hassle to empty and to put back.

5. Aurora AS420C Best Value Crosscut Shredder – Desktop-style

The Aurora AS40C Desktop-style Crosscut Shredder is the best pick if you’re just looking for personal crosscut shredder. This has a 4.5-inch throat width so you’ll have to fold your papers to shred it. The machine will run for a maximum of two minutes that is enough for its 40-sheet wastebasket capacity.  Aside from paper, this can also shred staples, paper clips, and credit cards but not CDs.

Unlike other machines that work using batteries, this Aurora model should be plugged in. Once the machine detects too much heat from usage, it will shut down automatically.

The machine comes with a bonus letter opener on the side so you can get through your junk mails fast and shred it afterward.

best value crosscut shredder

6. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

If you find the first Amazon product unappealing, the AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Crosscut Machine might be the best value crosscut shredder or you. It can destroy paper, CD, and credit card for a span of five minutes before it automatically shuts down for a 30-minute break. The good thing about this machine it has a separate slot for shredding CDs so the paper cutters will remain sharp for crosscutting.

From its price, it’s understandable why this shredder is a bit lightweight. It can handle about 600 sheets a day, unlike other models that can chew more than 3,000. But the takeaway here is that this machine has less chance of overheating. Some users have used it for more than 45 minutes without a single glitch. Anyway, the system will shut itself once it’s no longer safe to use.

7. Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Like the AmazonBasics product above, the Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder has a separate slot for paper and CD shredding. It can also destroy 12 sheets in one batch and it will shut down the moment it overheats. This machine is smaller than the other types listed here as it only has a 3.25-gallon wastebasket that is equivalent to 220 shredded sheets

When it comes to the price, the Royal 112MX is the best value crosscut shredder. It’s less noisy than the usual strip-cut machines and the automatic settings make it even more convenient to use. If you’re living in a small apartment, this would be the best home shredder. This will suit you well if you’re just shredding junk mails or a few office documents.

8. HSM Shredstar PS817C 17-Sheet Crosscut Machine

If you’re willing to spend more than $200 for the top-of-the-line shredder, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the HSM Shredstar PS817C 17-Sheet Crosscut Machine. This shredder is powerhouse equipment that can run for 10 minutes and shred up to 1280 sheets. Its 7.1-gallon bin is also a massive addition to the shredding capacity of this machine.

Aside from the cutting efficiency, HSM Shredstar is equipped with JamStop Technology that prevents overloading and the Energy Management System so you’ll save as much as 90% of electricity from other shredders. It also has a bin indicator so you’ll know when it’s time to empty the basket.  With the lifetime warranty and low-noise built, boy, there’s nothing else you can wish for. It could be expensive, but the quality will not disappoint you.

best value crosscut shredder

9. Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Portability is one of the best features of the best value crosscut shredder. This is where Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder becomes the best choice. It has a big handle on top so you can easily grab it and start shredding. Its 5.5-gallon bin is also a plus point for medium to heavy shredding for less need of emptying. This can run for three minutes or so before shutting down for a 40-minute cooling down. It could be a minimal time, but considering its price, that sounds fair enough.

Be it for office or home use, this Bonsaii DocShred will be a wise investment. It can cut CDs and credit cards with a separate CD cutter.

10. Swingline Paper Shredder 14-Sheet Crosscut Machine

If you want a faster shredder, make a deal with the Swingline 14-Sheet Crosscut Shredder. Though compact, it can give you the P-4 level of security when shredding paper, cards, and CDs. Another good feature of this machine is its stylish look and the separate cutter for the CDs/DVDs.

This may look small, but the Swingline shredder can run for 20 minutes before it needs to be cooled down. Its 5-gallon bin is spacious for the number of sheets you can shred on its runtime. You know what’s the greatest value-for-money part? This machine is less than 100 bucks!

All the machines listed here can be considered as the best value crosscut shredder. As long as it meets your needs and budget, you’ll have added security and peace of mind. Some models may cost more but its functionality is unbeatable. Still, the cheap ones can give great shredding if you maintain it and follow the usage instructions well. Are you planning to buy a new machine? Let us know in the comment section!