10 Best Shredders For Small Business You Can Purchase Without Breaking The Bank

Having a small business also means that you only have a small budget to spare for extra equipment. Getting the best shredder for small business might mean a luxury for some, but here, you can actually get one for less than 100 or even 50 bucks. Even if you’re just starting out as a company, it’s important that you dispose your documents properly to avoid the risk of identity theft.

I tried my best to list down affordable choices here, but if you can invest more, there’s a few here that you can check out.

1. Swingline Super Cross-Cut Shredder, 14-Sheet

If you always get junk mail or tons of unnecessary papers, you can use the Swingline Super Cross-Cut Shredder. It can reduce 14 sheets into small strips in one batch while the separate cutter can also turn CDs and credit cards to bits.

This cross-cut shredder has P-4 security and a considerably large five-gallon wastebasket. The good thing about this shredder is that it’s compact and can fit even under your table in your small office. You can use this for 20 minutes straight unlike other affordable models that can only last for a maximum of three minutes.

If you want a convenient shredding, you can turn the autostart feature on. It only sounds like a juicer when in operation so it won’t be a trouble when you’re in a shared workspace.

2. Aurora High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder

As a small business, it’s less likely that you’ll have lots of paper to shred per day. With that, the Aurora High-Security 8-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder will suit you. It chews lesser sheets in one feeding but it has higher security given that it’s a micro cut model. You can use it continuously for five minutes then cool it down for at least half an hour. With the long waiting time, this is the best shredder for small business that doesn’t have a pile to dispose.

The wastebasket of this shredder has a 4.8-gallon capacity that can also accommodate shredded CDs and credit cards. It could be a little loud than the first choice of shredder I gave you, but it’s value for money if ever you’re looking for one.

best shredder for small business

3. Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

As one of the best-sellers, the Bonsaii DocShred 6-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder will not fail your small business operation. It has a micro cut feature that can shred about six sheets though it may not accommodate disposal of CDs and credit cards. This Bonsaii model is truly for minor use as it can only function optimally for two minutes and you should cool it down for 40 minutes before the next use. This will shut down automatically when it reached the two-minute mark to make the motor last longer.

The Bonsaii DocShred can handle junk mail as long as it’s not too thick. For less than 50 bucks, this shredder is already a gem. This best shredder for small business is quiet and leaves only ragged bits of paper for disposal.

4. AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

If you’re looking for a shredder worth your money, consider getting the Amazon Basics 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder. It’s less than 50 bucks and can chew six sheets simultaneously and it has a credit card shredder as well. Like the Bonsaii machine, this AmazonBasics product can run for two minutes then automatically shut down for a 30-minute cooldown.

Although it shreds for only a short time, the autostart feature will save you time as well as the manual reverse system in case of paper jams. Just note that there’s no separate credit card chewer on this one and the paper cutter may get dull faster than the other models.

Overall, this is the best pick if you’re just looking for an affordable and basic shredder.

5. Royal 112MX Cross-cut Shredder with Console

As a small company, you may always be in a hurry to attend to clients by yourself. If that’s the case, the Royal 112MX Cross-cut Shredder with Console would make the shredding job faster for you. This best shredder for small business can destroy 12 sheets at a time while it also has separate slots for credit card and CD shredding.  If you want an even more convenient user experience, you can set it in autostart and stop.

This has a 3.5-gallon wastebasket which is just enough for a small pile of documents. Though this has a lower security than micro cut models, this is better than getting a strip-cut type. Just remember that this can only work for a couple of minutes and will need to be cooled down afterward.

best shredder for small business

6. HSM Shredstar 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

HSM Shredstar 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is way expensive than the other machines I listed here but there’s a reason why it’s on the list. It can accommodate up to 14 sheets in one feeding and can shred about 100 sheets in just a minute. It’s an all-around and best shredder for small business that can also chew CDs, credit cards, paper clips, and staples wires.

When it’s on the operation, you’ll only here a whisper-like hum from the machine, unlike other models that sounds like it’s going to explode. The best part about this HSM machine is it’s very energy efficient as it cuts electricity use by 90% compared to other shredders.

This machine also has wheels on it so you can move it anywhere you want. Users claim that they can use this for about three hours without overheating. But for a safe bet, let it rest after 20 minutes.

7. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

If you’re not impressed with the first 6-sheet AmazonBasics shredder, then this 12-Sheet Microcut Machine will be your second choice. It offers the highest security in shredding paper, CDs, and credit cards on an eight-minute run time and 45-minute cooldown allowance. This machine is actually bigger than the usual machines I listed here. Its wastebasket is massive at 6.7 gallons with a 9.1-inch paper feed.

One good thing about AmazonBasics shredder is its automatic shutdown feature that maintains the efficiency of the motor. But given that it can shred six feet of paper per minute, the short usage time won’t be a problem.

This Amazon best shredder for small business is also quiet and the basket is easy to pull on and off the machine for the disposal of the shreds.

8. Sentinel FM101P 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

The Sentinel FM101P Paper Shredder is your not-so-basic machine that can chew 10 sheets in a single feeding. It can also shred credit cards though there’s no separate slot for this. Although it’s strong in cutting, it doesn’t produce any sound and the micro cut shreds make a space-saving feature on the 3.5-gallon wastebasket.  The machine will shut down once the bin is full.

This has automatic functions paired with a manual reverse feature in case of paper jams. The casters attached to the machine will make it easy to transport. For a price less than a hundred bucks, this is a good find in the shredding industry.

You should note that the manufacturers discourage shredding paper clips and staples here. Anyway, the machine will chew it well but the cutting efficiency may not last long.

best shredder for small business

9. Fellowes Powershred W11C 11-Sheet, Cross-Cut Shredder

Just because you own a small company doesn’t mean that you can’t afford a Fellowes Powershred W11C, 11-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder. This leading brand is efficient in disposing your confidential documents in a continuous five-minute run with only 20 minutes of cooling down. This has a 4.75-gallon basket with a handle for easy disposal of the shredded paper

A plus point on this already efficient shredder is its Safety Lock feature that disables the machine for a child and pet-safe use. As a cross-cut best shredder for small business, this is already a wise buy if you’re just planning to get rid of your old bank statements and contracts. You would love the side cuts of the shreds as it’s almost close to being pieces of confetti.

10. Aurora Strip-Cut Shredder Without Wastebasket

If you just need to shred a dozen sheets a day, the Aurora Strip-Cut Shredder Without Wastebasket would be the best investment. It can chew six sheets in one batch as well as a credit card fed one at a time. Remember that this is just a lightweight strip-cutting which will be best for less confidential files.

This doesn’t come with a wastebasket, but you can simply use a bag or a trash bin to catch the shreds. The best thing about this machine is it doesn’t overheat even in an hour of use. This is the cheapest and most efficient machine you can ever find.

Look no further if you’re scouting for the best shredder for small business. The ten choices I listed here are some of the best-sellers and top picks among small businesses. In a fraction of the price, you can level up your small office work. What do you think of these shredders? Let us know!