Top 10 Best Home Shredders Under 100 – Value For Money Here!

Paper shredders aren’t just exclusive in the office. If you’re working at home or if you need to dispose of confidential mails and other paper works, you should get one. Contrary to the belief that shredders are expensive, you can actually get the best home paper shredder under 100 bucks. Some are as low as $30 or even $20 which is as much as you’ll pay for a splurge in your local diner.

Here, I listed 10 of the favorite picks among home users.

1. AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder

At exactly $100, this AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder is one of the best-sellers. It’s a top pick not only because of its brand but even more due to its functionality. It can chew 12 sheets in one feeding as well as CDs and credit cards. You can use this for eight minutes and to be cooled down for the next 45 minutes. The long waiting time won’t be a big deal since you might probably be shredding a few sheets a day.

For its price, the wastebasket is enormous at 6.7 gallons. To make sure that the motor is protected, the machine will automatically shut down after eight minutes. You can also set it to automatic shredding if you want to but you should note that this doesn’t have a safety lock.

2. Fellowes W11C Powershred Crosscut Shredder

If you have trust issues with other brands, you can stick to the leading Fellowes W11C Powershred Crosscut Machine as your best home paper shredder under 100. You can shred paper with staples and clips as well as credit cards here with its P-4 crosscut level of security. As for the CDs, you can take chances but you should expect the cutting blade to get dull easily.

This under $100 machine can run for five minutes and cool down for 20 minutes. The best thing about Fellowes shredders is that these only need a short cooling down time and a lot of the models can run in a maximum of 20 minutes, but not this one though. Another great feature of this shredder is it has the Safety Lock that’s absent in the AmazonBasics. This lock will come handy when you have kids or pets around.

best home paper shredder under 100

3. Sentinel FM101P Micro-cut Shredder

Another best home paper shredder under 100 is the Sentinel FM101P Micro-cut Machine. This model can tear 10 sheets in a single batch as well as credit cards one at a time. Like the Fellowes machine listed above, this shredder may not be best for disposing CDs. Still, the micro-cut feature is a good catch for such a low price.

This Sentinel machine is smaller than the previous ones with a 3.5-gallon wastebasket. Although not as hefty as other offers, this has the ultra-quiet feature so you can use it even at night. This can run for 10 minutes and has to be cooled down afterward. Anyway, some users claim that they can have this machine churning for two hours without overheating.

One more good reason to buy this is it has an automatic shutdown feature once the bin is full of shredded paper.

4. Bonsaii DocShred C156 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

If you’re looking for an all-arounder that can shred paper, CDs, and credit cards, the Bonsaii DocShred C156 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder will be the best pick. It can destroy 12 sheets at a time and it has a separate slot for cutting CDs so the paper cutter will stay sharp. This powerful shredder is paired with a 5.5-gallon wastebasket with a window so you can check if it’s already full.

This is the best home paper shredder under 100 as it has the size of a small trashcan that will fit under your desk. The basket is considerably large for less emptying. This can run for three minutes only and it will automatically shut down for a 40-minute cooling down.

The shredder comes with a built-in handle so you can transport it easily around the house.

5. Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

The Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Crosscut Shredder is a sleek choice not to mention the console that comes on its surface. This is less than $70 and can accommodate 12 sheets in one passing as well as CDs on its separate slot. You can also shred credit cards using the paper opening. This has a compact wastebasket of 3.25 gallon for light shredding needs.

You can place this shredder beside your desk or beneath it to save space. This can fit for office use but it’s also a wise choice at home since it operates quietly. It also has less chance of jamming even if you’re shredding think envelopes.

This machine is value for money, considering all the features it possesses. Although the bin is a bit flimsy to remove, it will last longer if you do the emptying gently. Still, this is the best home paper shredder under 100.

best home paper shredder under 100

6. Aurora 6-Sheet Strip-cut Shredder (No Wastebasket)

A few old junk mails can still pose identity theft if not disposed of well. If you’re on a budget but still want to get a decent shredder, invest in the Aurora 6-Sheet Strip-cut Shredder. It doesn’t come with a wastebasket but you can easily mount it on the trash can or a makeshift bin for shredding. This has extendable arms that will hold even in a small bin.

This is less than 30 bucks but it can chew six sheets at a time. The Aurora machine may only be a strip-cut model, but it will increase your document security a big notch. Just remember that this machine has a thermal protection feature so it’s normal that it will shut down once it gets too hot.

7. Aurora AS420C Desktop-Style Crosscut Shredder

If you want a shredder that will fit comfortably on your home office desk, then the Aurora AS420C Desktop-Style Crosscut Shredder is a good choice. It only measures 9x7x10 and can shred credit cards and paper although the basket can only hold 40 crosscut shredded folded sheets. Anyway, this best home paper shredder under 100 can safely chew paper clips and staples which is a plus point on the functionality part.

This machine can run for two straight minutes and will automatically shut down for the cooling down phase. Just note that this machine could be louder than other models while in use. You should also plug this instead of using batteries.

Overall, this Aurora machine works as advertised and its price is unbeatable when it comes to a reliable home shredder.

8. Bonsaii Multipurpose Crosscut Desktop Shredder

The Bonsaii Multipurpose Crosscut Desktop Shredder isn’t your typical machine. It has a transparent bin with a P-4 crosscutting blade that can run for five straight minutes and cool down for 20 minutes. This is as small as a medium-sized food container and won’t eat too much space at your home table.

The best part is that this machine comes with two USB ports where you can charge your phone and a phone holder so you can watch videos while shredding your files. You have to plug this machine but you don’t have to worry since it has an ECO technology that makes it an energy¬-saving equipment.

If you’re just shredding a few bank statements or letters, this will be an affordable choice.

best home paper shredder under 100

9. Swingline 14-Sheet Shredder

For more shredding tasks, the Swingline 14-Sheet Shredder will never fail you. It can destroy 14 sheets of paper as well as CDs and credit cards in the separate slot. This is paired with a big 5-gallon bin for less need to empty it right away. Unlike other P-4 shredders, this one is more compact and stylish. You can store this best home paper shredder under 100 beside your desk or even in the small corner of your kitchen.

This Swingline shredder can run for a lengthy 20-minute shredding before it needs to be cooled down. That’s a big deal when you’re getting rid of old tax records and bank statements. It may not be as quiet as other models but it’s not that noisy either.

For its price of less than a hundred dollars, this is already to die for.

10. Sentinel FM104B Microcut Shredder

If you’re up for a massive shredding session at home, you should get the Sentinel FM104B Microcut Shredder. Its P-4 micro-cut feature and five-gallon bin are surprisingly less than 70 bucks. True enough, it functions beyond its price as it can shred 10 sheets in one feeding as well as CDs and credit cards. Although there are no separate slots for the thicker materials, this is easy to waive given the machine’s price.

You can use this for 10 minutes before it should be cooled down.

Shredding your old files is important to ensure that you’re disposing of it with security. You can get the best home paper shredder under 100 without sacrificing the performance and your money. Have you chosen one of these selections? Let us know!