Top 10 Best High-Capacity Paper Shredders of 2018

Shredders that can work for longer periods are best buys as well as those that can chew a bunch of paper in one feeding. For some people, it’s all about speed. If you’re looking for the best high capacity paper shredder to shred all your documents in a snap, you’re on the right post. I listed here ten of the top picks among offices and even households for a reliable shredder.

1. Sentinel Pro 30-Sheet FS3150P Strip-Cut Shredder

Strip-cut shredders are common for offices that are disposing of excess files from the day’s operations. If the sheets in your workspace are starting to pile up, you should get the Sentinel Pro 30-Sheet FS2150P. This can chew 30 sheets in one feeding and can house a whole pile of strips in its 8-1-gallon basket. Just remember that this is a Security Level 2 shredder and may not be best for highly confidential files.

You can shred here credit cards and sheets with staples and paper clips. CDs can also be shredded here but in the same slot for the paper and cards. This machine has a manual reverse feature to fix jams. Overall, Sentinel Pro is a basic shredder that can be trusted for speed and capacity.

2. Fellowes Powershred 425Ci 30-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Another 30-sheet shredder is the Fellowes Powershred 425Ci Crosscut machine. It has a wide 12-inch opening where you can shred even posters, CDs, and DVD with staples and clips. Since this will accommodate a thick pile of paper in one feeding, it’s equipped with a jam-proof system that can run for hours. As the best high capacity paper shredder, this offers a P-4 security level that can be at par with micro-cut models.

Another major feature of this shredder is its whopping 30-gallon basket that can accommodate almost every shredding need in the office. It also has Fellowes’ SafeSense Technology for the added security feature. The machine can run the whole day with minimal cooling down needs.

Even if it’s expensive, it’s worth the purchase if you have a big office. It be could a little noisy but it’s understandable as it’s a big model.

best high capacity paper shredder

3. AmazonBasics 24-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

With a 24-sheet capacity, the AmazonBasics Crosscut Shredder will allow you a 25-minute shredding of paper, CDs, and credit cards. It has an auto-reverse feature to fix jams as it happens. Once the machine reached a certain temperature, it will shut down automatically to protect the motor. It has a 7-gallon wastebasket to accommodate shredding of small offices or even at home. Once the bin is full, the light indicator will tell you to empty it.

Unlike the first shredder, this is smaller but can still be classified as commercial grade. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport anywhere. You can also use a shredder bag inside the bin for easy emptying and to prevent paper dust from accumulating.

The paper opening is a bit small at 8.5 inches, but if you stack the sheets well, it will smoothly glide through the machine.

4. Aurora Jam-Free 20-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

The Aurora Jam-Free 20-Sheet Crosscut Shredder is a combination of high capacity, 20-sheet system, and a 60-minute running time. This is truly the best high capacity paper shredder to speed up your shredding. Aside from the powerhouse features I mentioned, the Aurora shredder also has the Touch Guard Sensor for your safety.

This machine will automatically shut down when left idle while it will restart the moment you feed it with paper. It’s dotted with indicator lights for misaligned sheets, overheating, power, and overloading. This also comes with a 7-gallon basket for less hassle of removing the shredded paper.

If you’re  looking for an energy-efficient machine, the Aurora Crosscut shredder is the one to buy. This is best for medium-sized offices or for heavy shredding at home.

5. Bonsaii EverShred 18-Sheet Shredder

For a compact but high capacity machine, the Bonsaii EverShred 18-Sheet Shredder would be wise to purchase. It has a medium-sized, 6-gallon basket and it can run for more than 60 minutes without overheating. Some users say that they were able to run this for six straight hours before it needed cooling down. Bonsaii is equipped with an advanced cooling system to propel the hot air out of the machine. This shredder is long lasting with the overheating protection it is geared with.

Bonsaii can chew 18 sheets at a time or about 5.3 feet of paper per minute. This is library quiet so you can use it even at home or in the office without disturbing anyone. It’s also jam-free so you’ll have smooth-sailing shredding. As the best high capacity paper shredder, Bonsaii will shred thick paper with the same ease as the typical sheets.

best high capacity paper shredder

6. Royal 1840MX 18-Sheet Paper Shredder

An 8-gallon basket, 18-sheet capacity, and 40-minute runtime, the Royal 1840 Paper Shredder is to die for. It may not be as massive as the Sentinel Pro, but such features are rare to find for a shredder worth less than $200. This is a commercial-grade shredder that can fit into offices and even household shredding tasks.

One sheet will be shredded in five seconds that means you can dispose of about 480 sheets in one session. A plus point for this machine is its ultra quiet operation even if you’re shredding thick materials like CD or credit cards.

The machine has an 8.5-inch opening that’s fine if you’re just destroying typical office papers. If you plan to use this for cartons, you’ll need to cut it to a smaller size to fit the input.

7. HSM Shredstar 17-Sheet Shredder

If you’re scouting for the best high capacity paper shredder for your office, this HSM Shredstar might just seal the deal. It runs continuously and can shred 128 sheets in just one minute and store a handsome amount of shredded material in its 7.1-gallon basket. Aside from the usual paper, this can also cut paper clips, staples, CDs, and credit cards all in one single cutting slot.

HSM Shredstar has a Jam-Stop Technology that is exclusive to all HSM shredders. When in use, this hums a minimal sound for a more comfortable user experience. Even if it functions continuously, the Energy Control System will cut power usage by 90%.

This machine is perfect for a small office or home use. It’s geared with indicator lights so you’ll know when the basket is already full.

8. AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder

The AmazonBasics 17-Sheet Micro-cut Shredder may just end your hunt for the best high capacity paper shredder. This P-4 machine can run continuously for 20 minutes and can swallow 17 sheets in one feeding as well as CDs and credit cards. If you forgot to turn this off after use, the auto shut down will engage.

This machine has a 7-gallon basket capacity that’s enough for home use or small shredding needs in the office. It has an autostart feature so you’ll just feed the paper and start shredding. The good thing about this shredder is the price is almost the same as crosscut types.

The AmazonBasics machine is also quiet to use. This is very different from the usual 2-minute shredders from the same brand.

best high capacity paper shredder

9. Fellowes Powershred 16-Sheet Shredder

If you’re just looking for a basic shredder that can last longer than the usual models, check out the Fellowes Powershred Shredder. This can cut 16 sheets in one batch, which is already a notch better than the typical 8-sheet types. Also, this can run for 20 minutes before cooling down for half an hour.

Even if it’s a little basic than the first shredders, don’t underestimate the features of this machine. It’s equipped with the SilentShred and SafeSense Technology for the best pair of convenience and safety. This best high capacity paper shredder is also jam-proof so your 20-minute allowance will be efficiently used.

Make sure to follow the cooling down instructions to avoid the machine from emitting smoke. Anyway, this can run more than the stated period but shut it down when it starts to overheat.

10. Bonsaii C118 14-Sheet Crosscut Shredder

Mass shredding isn’t a simple task if what you have is a lightweight shredder. If you’re in a total overhaul of your files, get the Bonsaii C118 14-Sheet Shredder. This can run continuously for 240 minutes with an 18-sheet capacity per feeding. You can also dispose of CDs and credit cards on this machine with a very low noise.

A massive shredding needs an equally massive 7.9-gallon basket to place the shreds. There’s also a separate bin for the destroyed CDs and credit cards. You know the best part? This machine can run for four hours with only 10 minutes of cooling down!

Are you planning to buy the best high capacity paper shredder? The items listed here would be great choices if you’re still scouting for one. It comes in different features and sizes that will suit your shredding needs. What do you think of these? Share your thoughts with us!